Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cat bed

When we first got Milly, she was so crazy during the night that we had to shut her in the bathroom so she wouldn't jump on our faces all night long.  Unfortunately she figured out how to open the door.  Finally we gave in and tried letting her sleep on our bed part of the night, and when she started going crazy we'd put her in the bathroom, which got later and later....  3am...4am...5am.... until finally she could mostly sleep through the night.
So she had been sleeping on our bed until I went to see an ENT last week.  He didn't tell me NOT to let the cat on the bed, but it was easy to infer.  Cat dander is bad stuff that sticks to everything and stays airborn much longer than dog dander.
I thought I would be in for a battle with Milly. But I put her cat bed (which she had all but stopped using) on top of the dresser, and she loves it! She even goes in there to sleep during the day.

But she has also reverted to jumping on our faces at 6am.  This morning I woke to her jumping over me like a sheep.   Tradeoffs.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bazaar Bizarre show tomorrow- first one!

Hi everyone, 
Well, I'm finally ready to launch the collars and leashes I've been working on!  Rockhound Pets finally exists as a business.   Come see me tomorrow at San Mateo Bazaar Bizarre.  I'm psyched to get started.  Mango and Milly are equally thrilled.