Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where did January go?

I looked at my blog and realized my last post was December!  How are we already almost to March 2011? 
Well, I suppose it went fast because I was working (like real, paying jobs for a change).  During January I contracted for a month at my old job at Gap, covering for someone on a long vacation.  Then in February, I went to work with my family at the Tucson Gem Show, followed by 4 days of shopping.  Boy was that fun/trouble.  But I did find some cool stuff to make cool stuff with.  SO!  Now I must get to work. 

Check in the next few days- I will be adding ID tags and collar charms, so you can finally adorn your pet, not just hang your purse.   Though I have more bag hangers to add also.

Happy February!