About Us (Lauren, Mango, and Milly)

Hi all- I'm Lauren, the human.  I quit my full time job last August and am trying my hand at starting my own business making pet accessories.  While I don't miss too many things about working in Corporate America, I do end up spending a lot of time at home with my dog, Mango, and my cat, Milly.  I had fantastic coworkers in my old job.  But Mango and Milly are fantastic coworkers too, I just wish talking to them didn't dub me crazy :)   My pet business is just getting off the ground, so check out www.rockhoundpets.com and my Etsy site.

So about the pets.  Mango is my rescue dog from Taiwan.  She came to us on January 12, 2009 on an Air China flight with 27 other dogs.  My husband and I went to SFO to pick her up, and to meet her for the first time.  She has made great strides, but she is still a scaredy dog and shy with strangers.  She is even suspicious of toys when I first get them for her.  And let me tell you how long it took her before she would go inside her dog house without looking miserable.  On the other hand, she loves the people she loves!  And she loves the park and sticks and having me home all day.

I wanted a 2nd dog for Mango to play with (and for me to love, of course) but living in small spaces made us decide on a cat.  And "cats are so easy!", I had heard/assumed.  Well, we adopted Milly from Animal Care and Control.  We actually met her but couldn't adopt her because it was too late in the day and ACC was closing.   We liked her but worried she might be too crazy, since she tried to climb up my jeans when we met her.  Oh well, let's just go for it!   We were right on.  Crazy cat would jump on our faces at night, she would break dishes on the counter when we were gone, she would poop in our indoor plants....   but damn if she isn't fun.

So this blog is about my life with my dog and cat, the occasional thing I learn while starting a small business, the occasional really great food I make while scouring the fridge (I sure miss the Gap Cobb Salad!), and all the stuff that happens in between.  Hope you find some of it amusing.