Thursday, December 16, 2010

Disappearing Pens

Yesterday I went for a run, which means that Mango and  I left the cat alone in the house for about 45 minutes.  I should have known better, but I left a pen and notepad out on the coffee table, and when I returned, the pen was nowhere to be found, of course.  We have learned the hard way not to trust Milly with anything that can be knocked off tables and counters.  She has smashed:  my  butter dish (after leanring there was delicious butter under there), Alex's scotch glass, jars of olives and salsa, several drinking glasses, and several bowls.  I think she knows I'm saying bad things about her because she just jumped on my lap.

Anyway, I know not to leave anything out that I want to see again.  I got down on the ground and tried to peer under the furniture for this missing pen.  I finally lifted up the couch and found this assortment:
That included a few pieces of kibble and a chocolate covered almond. 

Without any shame, Milly happily began to play with her toys again:

And I'm still looking for the pen that disappeared yesterday. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Favorite Toys

I am a sucker.  I buy Mango and Milly all these cute toys- cows, stuffed bones, bags of organic catnip... and all they want to play with are dirty socks and pieces of trash.
Milly repeatedly knocks over the two metal trash cans in the house looking for dirty Kleenex or other balled-up paper.   Just now, I heard a metallic rattling around the apartment and realized she'd found a piece of tin foil on the counter and was batting that around.  Of course, when I went to check it out, she stopped and stared at me, pretending the tin foil was not there- "What tin foil??" (she knows she's not supposed to go on the counter). 

Mango thought that must be a pretty cool toy, and ignored the dirty sock on the floor in order to take the foil away from Milly.

And yet, I know they will both be getting more toys for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bear with me...

I love my pets.  I have a dog, Mango, and a cat, Milly.  And I love rocks, which is what happens, I guess, when you grow up with a rock hound father!  My dad has been collecting, cutting, and polishing rocks his whole life.  His work, and my infatuation with my furry family members, inspired me to create a line of pet accessories using natural stones.  And I couldn't leave out the owners!  I'm still developing my product lines, but stay tuned for stone pet ID tags and collars, and people pendants and bag hooks.