Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hooray for Nordstrom!!!

Today is the first day of summer.  And it feels like it!   I woke up in San Francisco today, where it was already 75 degrees (no fog today), and then I came to Menlo Park for the day.  The temperature on the car thermometer (NOT when parked in a parking lot) read the following temperatures at various points:  85, 93, 95, 98, 97, 100, 78, 76.

Well our little Menlo Park apartment is like a greenhouse, and it has been sweltering inside all day.  Wondering how to escape the heat, I figured I'd go to the mall for a little while. 
Anyway, mall.... what can I do there? Four weddings coming up this summer means an excuse to shop for a dress, so I figured I'd start at Nordstrom. I knew I would at least be able to entertain myself looking at shoes if nothing else.
But I felt bad leaving Mango all day!  What about Milly, you ask?  She didn't seem to mind.  She spent most of the day like this:

Mango, on the other hand, was so hot she didn't know what to do except hide.  She spent the first half of the day like this:

I realized in the past I'd seen dogs at Nordstrom, so I called them and asked if they allow dogs in the store.  They do!  How awesome is that??  So Mango got to come escape the heat with me for a while.  I took her on the elevator- she's never done an escalator before, and knowing her, it would be a scary experience.  She came in the dressing room, but she did not want to wait patiently for me to try on 12 dresses.   She kept trying to sneak out the front by pushing the curtain to the side.  When I kept telling her to stay, she discreetly tried to duck under the wall and into the next dressing room.  How rude, Mango. 

I did find a very cute dress, and while I wanted to shoe shop, we needed to get back.  I think Mango and I will do some shoe shopping next week.   See you soon, Nordstrom!

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